“I can’t recommend Jan highly enough”

"I can't recommend Jan highly enough.  He clearly takes great pride and  pleasure in his work and has honed his coaching skills to bring out the very best in a person. His confidence in - and commitment to - your success is infectious. Our sessions were empowering and inspiring; under Jan’s careful questioning I have been able to evaluate what is truly important in my life and work on the desired improvements. With compassion and wisdom, Jan has taught me the skills I need to continue to make positive changes in all areas of my life. I would recommend Jan to anyone at a turning point in life, or seeking to improve their awareness of themselves and others."
Ceri H. - Dec18

"I now have the motivation and drive to achieve my ambition"

"Life Coaching with Jan shed a light on my path in life. It has given me the tools I need to achieve my goals and face the challenges that may arise. I would not be in this fantastic place that I'm in now if it weren’t for my coaching with Jan and I now have the motivation and drive to realise my ambition of becoming a nutritionist. Before Life Coaching, I very much felt like I was wandering through life without a direction. I now know what I want from life, who I want to be and how to go about achieving it.
To know that I have full control and can take complete responsibility for my life will stay with me forever, I will always live my best life. Thank you, Jan!"
Lyndsay D. - Jul18

"Jan has been such a fantastic Coach for me"

"Jan has been such a fantastic Coach for me. He is very gifted at coaching, especially as he could help me make sense of my babble and confused mind. I can’t thank him enough. I’m now in control of my life and how I feel about it. I’m calmer and more assured, less anxious and a lot more focused on enjoying time with my family instead of worrying. The brilliant ‘toolkit’ of techniques and exercises I now have will forever help me and others around me."
Kate N. - Aug18

"Jan really helped me get clarity on my priorities"

"Jan helped me get clarity on my priorities and more detailed with my plan. I'd never realised before how much I was sabotaging my own progress. Constantly justifying myself and blaming others for my shortfalls had become so easy for me, but it feels much better now I've learnt to be in control. What I thought were almost impossible goals, now seem like steppingstones to something even bigger. Cheers Jan!" 

Martyn D. - Oct18

I don't hesitate to recommend Jan as Life Coach to anyone

"Jan's focused but gentle approach made me feel comfortable and in safe hands right from our first session. I had thought coaching was just about reaching a goal, getting from A to B, but Jan also helped me become so much more aware of myself, who I am and what I really want in life. That alone feels great, but I also have so much more confidence and belief in myself now and I can't wait to get on with that big project I've put off for years. I don't hesitate to recommend Jan as Life Coach to anyone

Samantha N. - Nov18

Jan helped me, as he puts it, "clear my fog"

"Moving me out of my comfort zone made me realise I wasn't even in my comfort zone! Jan helped me, as he puts it, "clear my fog" and gave me tools that enable me to be more confident in myself and with my decisions. I'm continuing to work with Jan and look forward to gaining even more from my sessions" 

Mark P. - Jan19